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“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”

Thank you to our amazing families who have made our babies part of their homes!

Sarah C. May 2024

 I just wanted to make sure I take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional experience I had with your boutique! As you know, our past experience was filled with dishonest people who were worried only about financial gain that soon led to unbelievable heartache. Driven by this, I began a nationwide search for the perfect HEALTHY bunny/bunnies to raise as a part of my family, exploring options from California to New York. After many unsettling discoveries, along with other red flags such as lack of proper health certifications and ambiguous lineage details, pushy personalities, etc., it left me feeling uneasy and concerned about the potential for more heartache in the future for me and my daughters. I was so close to giving up when I found you! Upon encountering your business, I was met with a breath of fresh air. Your professionalism, your reviews, certifications, the pristine quality of the bunny pictures- along with the willingness to send more last-minute- and the ongoing, transparent communication was nothing short of amazing. It's evident that you are not driven by profit alone, but by a genuine passion for the well-being of these beautiful babies who deserve loving families. Your dedication to raising them with love shines through in every interaction. It is this honesty and transparency that convinced me that I made the right choice and that it was the right time to move forward with adoption, and I'm soooo glad I did! Blossom & French Toast are the absolute kindest, most gentle babies, who are adapting so well to their new home and new family, and I can't thank you enough for raising them with such love and care. They are sweet and loving and did I mention cute as a button!? Thank you for the trust and comfort you provided during such a scary process for us from such a long distance. Thank you for setting a standard of excellence and for providing a sanctuary for these bunnies to thrive. I am so proud to be a part of your extended family with Blossom and French Toast!!!

April 2024

We wanted to share this review to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful bunny we adopted from you.

He has brought immense joy and love into my life and my family's. He is the sweetest, most perfect bunny I could ever imagine. His social nature and affectionate personality have made him a beloved member of our family and friends.

We are so grateful for the care and attention you provided during his early development. Your efforts have resulted in a well-adjusted and loving bunny.

January 2024

First & foremost thank you for such a smooth transaction.  As to our little bunny, thee set up of the food, litter  and litter box among other goodies was a tremendous help and time savor.  

ChaCha, nick name 😊 is doing great I believe.  Yesterday and this morning she was hopping and running around , inspecting the new terrain.  She has picked a couple spots to hang.  She is also doing well with litter box and so we'll trained. Another tremendous help and bonus.

I got few extras today, and cleaned her up and just enjoying her presence. Thank you again.

Turtle Dove's Family December 2023

We love our new addition we got just before Christmas. Everyone in the family loves her including the dog, we can't thank you enough the whole process was easy and would recommend you every time

We Love our baby Winter!!

I am so glad we came across Belle.  We will admit we had no idea what we were doing and looking at all kinds of ads.  We would see ARBA in a lot of them so we went to that actual website.  It was very telling when a lot of the places advertising ARBA were not actually certified by ARBA, wasn’t the way we were going to start out our journey.  So we contacted Belles. It was just the best experience, we had no idea a bunny could be this important to our family and we really don’t think it would have been the same if we dealt with someone else!  Thank you for everything!!

Spring 2022

We love Petunia so much!!  I will try to not be overdramatic but we had been put through the ringer with buying a bunny at a pet store that ended up having GI Stasis and then we started working with another “lovely breeder” and luckily saw some red flags and did some further research.  They had changed their name a few times to cover up all the complaints, we were really like okay let’s not bother but the kids kept pushing and we are so glad they did!  We had such an amazing experience with Belle, we knew the difference as soon as we started communicating, she wasn’t pushy, sent excellent information over in video and document form and was genuinely helpful.  The whole experience was over the top amazing. We were welcomed into the home, everything was extremely clean, well taken care of, and a very healthy bunny who is loving and sweet!  We are so glad we stuck with it, Petunia is exactly what our family needed!  Five stars or is it 10 or 100, ha!!

The Ardnt Family "Stocking Now Oreo"

Our little girl is a little over 3 months and she doing wonderful, sooo thankful that she litter trained and loved soo much before we received her! Thank you !

Our Handsome Blue Eyed White Bunny

We were searching for a Holland Lop for our daughter and I’m not sure why we didn’t come across Belle’s Bunny Boutique at first but as soon as we did it just felt right.  This was our first bunny and we had no idea that Rowan would become part of the family like this.  We know it would not have been the same experience with other breeders.  All the information and tips you gave us were so helpful, we just couldn’t believe that we could hold Rowan the whole way home, he was completely comfortable with being held and loved.
We just had our first vet visit and everyone was in love! Thank you so much….we will be back in touch for a 2nd at some point!!

Noir's New Family

Amazing! Me and my family have no words. Noir, or now named Dash has made our lives so much brighter. He is the most playful and loving bunny you could ever meet.


Cupid and Sugar Sweet's Furever Family

There are no words to sum up how amazing this experience was all thanks to you. As a first time bunny owner I had A TON of questions and you answered every single one of them. Even on the days, (which ended up being almost every day) that I sent 3-5 emails, you were quick to respond and always friendly, patient and informative. I ended up taking home two bunnies and I couldn’t be happier! Cupid and Sugar Sweet are the friendliest, cutest, and cuddliest buns ever and have such incredible personalities. I appreciated the updated pictures of them and even though they were cute in pictures, they were WAY cuter than I ever could have imagined! They are well bonded, inseparable really, and I thank you for that and for showing them such good love and care! Thank you for the bows and fleece blankets and for responding to my questions even after I took them home! I will only look here for any bunnies I may get in the future! Thanks again so, SO much!

Valentine's New Family

Thank you both so much for our adorable bunny! He is adjusting so well to his furever home! He is so sweet, cuddly and playful! We had a lot of questions as new bunny owners, and you both were so great with answering them and being so helpful!

The Moore Family

We love our new baby so much, she is adjusting beautifully.  She is the perfect combination of snuggly and playful.  I really had no idea how much personality she would have.  Thank you for helping us in making the perfect match for our family!

Oreo's New Family

He is home!  My sons went crazy.  I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping us get the house set up for our Oreo.  He is going to be getting so much attention!

Nelson R.

Cinnabun is a complete joy!  You can tell what a great job you do with them because he hasn’t been stressed with the transition at all.  I shared with you the nightmare I experienced before and now I see the difference!  So glad we added Cinnabun to our family!  Thank you!

Emma F.

Thank you both so much again for our beautiful bunny!  Our kids are just so in love and so are we! We cannot believe how much we love her so much already.  We will continue to send you updated pictures, can’t thank you enough!

Meagan Carter

As new bunny owners I am so glad we bought the full cage setup.  That was such a great option and it was a great experience.  We are so happy with the entire process you answered all of our questions before, during, and after!  I think we are going to be back for another baby bunny before you know it! Thank you!

The Sanders Family

We can’t believe how Snoopy isn’t afraid of anything.  We thought it would be a while before we introduced him to the dogs but no he is already right in there and part of the family.  You were spot on with the advice on continuing the litter training, it took a couple days to adjust and we are very glad that he is using the litter box.  We want him to be able to be mostly free roam so this was so important, thanks for the tips!

The Nguyen Family

Our family just wanted to say thank you for our little bunny, we couldn’t be happier with her.

Seamus & Lauren

This may go down as the best Christmas ever with our new little bunny under the tree!  The boys are so in love; thank you for keeping him until Christmas Eve.  We really appreciate all the help and patience, hope you love the video as much as we do!

Snow White's Family from CT

So I think we may hold the record for driving the farthest to get a bunny from Belle's Bunny Boutique....luckily it was definitely worth it! A funny story was we were there to pick up Snow White and she quickly worked her way into my husband's heart and he was saying how great she was.  My daughter called him out on how he wasn't being quite as pleasant in the car about driving over 3 hours for a bunny and we all got a good laugh.  It hasn't changed, my daughters and I knew we had to have her but it really warms my heart how much she is a part of the family and important to everyone.  We couldn't be happier!

Mikaela and Family

I am so excited you started testimonials, I believe I suggested it 😄!! We are so thankful for the assistance you offered since our first email about adopting our new Holland Lop.  We followed your suggested supply sheet and Caramel seemed right at home.  We knew right from the car ride when she didn’t seem at all bothered to sit with us for more than an hour that we had made the perfect choice.  Thank you for your guidance and I am sure we will be back in touch with more questions!

Abby K.

From the 1st look at the adorable bunnies on your website to all the little extras at pickup, I am just so appreciative of the entire process.  I just sit holding Daisy and I wonder why I didn’t get a bunny sooner!  I will continue to update you with pictures!  Thank you 100%!

The Forte Family

We just wanted to let you know how great Comet is doing in his new home.  The only issue is I am not getting enough done, when he follows me or looks at me in a certain way I am just like ok we can cuddle or play 💙💙  He is already bonded with the kids and I just can’t believe how much we love him.  He has far exceeded our expectations and I really think it is because of all you do with them over that first 8 weeks!  We are so happy we added this little bundle of fluff and joy to our home!  Please feel free to add this to your testimonials.

Bun Mom Nicole

We have bought two Holland Lops from Belle’s Bunny Boutique, and my husband has banned me from the website 😆 Obviously I have been on because I saw you are doing testimonials!!! You know we have let you know how crazy pleased we are with our babies, and I can’t believe how much they bonded easily with your tips!  I am officially a crazy bun Mom and I want a third, if I do get one it will only be through Belle’s Bunny Boutique, you guys are the best!!

The Kato's

Marshmallow Smores literally got our kids through 2020!  Our daughters and son having a bunny on their lap while doing virtual school or having someone to play with on their breaks made a world of difference. Marshmallow has just become such a special part of our family and I really can’t imagine keeping the kids entertained without her!  Thank you for all of your guidance in the beginning, we had lots of questions!

We Didn't Know We Needed a Bunny!!

Sorry it took me so long to write this but it is actually impressive that I am even writing a review!! This all started when our neighbor got a bunny from Belle’s!  Sorry, but this really didn’t excite me then my kids were going crazy over this bunny then I figured I had to meet him.  I was so impressed with how cute he was and friendly; so of course we were next in line to get a bunny from Belle’s.  We just loved everything about this whole experience, your complete attention to detail throughout the entire process really exemplifies the care you take with your bunnies.  I have easily emailed you 20 times with questions and I don’t think I have ever waited an hour for a response.  We are just so in love with our Springy and we can’t thank you enough!  I truthfully didn’t know we needed Springy in our life until we got her!!

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