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Can I Walk My Bunny On A Leash?

Well the answer is basically yes, but we like to think of it as the bunny might be “walking you”. The benefit of leash training a bunny is that they can explore bigger places safely, get outside time, and play with outside toys. Bunnies must wear a harness around their body not a leash around their necks!

Step 1: After you and your bunny have established a relationship, let the bunny start a relationship with the harness. You can even let them play with it and check it out for a few days before you put it on them.

Step 2: Start putting the harness on your bunny. If you want to use extra caution you can kind of just place it on the bunny without snapping it on at first and then move forward to puting the harness on a couple times a day before ever adding the leash. You will know you are through Step 1 and 2 when your bunny is just running around with the harness on instead of being bothered by it!

Step 3: Add the leash indoors and let your bunny start to feel gentle tugs that redirect them in small introductions.

Step 4: You are ready for the great outdoors, this should be a very positive experience for you and the bunny so start small but it can really become a wonderful experience!

Positive reinforcement of Alfalfa Hay, Veggies, Fruits (depending on age and stage of development) are always welcomed and encouraged!

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