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We Can Also Send You a  Doc or PDF!
See the "Full Cage Setup" Tab if you would like us to gather your supplies for you!


Wabitat Cage

This is the one we currently use, we put two together and take off the side doors and zip tie them, we can leave the front open for bunnies to roam.

Another Wabitat Cage

Positives: Larger, Includes lots of supplies, 2 story

Negative: No pull out tray 

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

Deluxe Hutch! This is a great looking hutch and has great features.

Fancy Cage

If you click on this check out the picture that has the extra playpen attached, we haven't tried this cage yet but it is going to be our next one!! It looks nice!

Litter Box

Litter Pan

Corner Pan, This is the one we currently use. Any litter pan should be fine.

Care Fresh

Care Fresh is a top rated litter for bunnies  

Yesterday’s News

This is one of the safest rated litters for bunnies besides the Care Fresh. 

Kaytee Critter Litter

Another option that from research is safe for rabbits. 


Timothy Hay

This is the grass hay we use.

Alfalfa Hay

Combine with alfalfa hay up to 5 months. 

Hay Feeder

This is the one we use, many possible varieties!

Water Bottles

We use two different kinds of water bottles so your bunny will be used to whichever kind you get. 

No drip water bottle

The big benefit of this one is you don’t have to take it off the cage to fill it

Kaytee Water Bottle

This is the typical water bottle people think of so that is why we offer this also. 


Bunny Bed

A few of our little ones love this right now

Mat for Cage

You need these if you get a wire cage for their feet!

Bunny Play Tunnel

They seem to always have fun with this!

This Crew's Favorite Ball!

It doesn't last very long but they love it!

Yucca Chew

Some of our bunnies love this and some ignore it!

Bunny Carrier

For Basic Travel (not airlines)

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