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Rental bunnies are provided with everything they need for the amount of time they are rented for.  They are child friendly and easy to handle.  A care sheet will be provided.  A hold harmless form/contract must be signed.  


Prices are for 1 bunny for consecutive days. 

1 Day:  $60 

2nd Day: $50

3rd Day: $40 

Additional Days: $35 a Day

(partial days are considered days)


Belle’s Bunny Boutique reserves the right to refuse rental at our discretion with any deposits refunded if we feel rabbits will not be cared for properly etc.


Renter has the right to refuse rabbit(s) upon pickup if not satisfied. No refunds after pickup.  Renter is responsible for making sure rabbit(s) fit their needs.

Email for questions or reservations.

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