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How to Pick Up Your Rabbit

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

A new baby bunny from Belle's Bunny Boutique is used to being picked up. If a rabbit is not used to being picked up they may run away or attack you when you try to.

There are two methods of properly picking up a rabbit:

  1. Start by petting your baby. Use one hand to grab the rabbit by the scruff and the other hand to support his back legs. The hand supporting the back legs should be supporting the weight of the rabbit and you should be holding the head higher than the body. Move the first hand from the scruff to under the chest. The rabbit is then carried in front of you.

  2. The other method is to pick the rabbit up and cradle him against your body. Use your arms to provide support underneath the rabbit and on the side away from your body so that the rabbit cannot jump.

If a rabbit is anxious or squirmy, you may want to wrap him in a towel or small blanket before picking him up. Do not wrap up for an extended period of time due to heat stress.

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