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What Makes Belle's Bunny Boutique Different?

Easy answer....our families! Belle's Bunny Boutique was built on the amazing families who have adopted our bunnies and referred us and become repeat customers themselves. Only in the past year have we expanded to creating a website and we now continue to meet even more amazing families who adopt our baby bunnies. The majority of our families stay in touch and have shared their amazing journey with their new bunny, we love receiving the pictures!!

We have repeatedly heard that you can see the difference in our bunnies and how sweet they are. The babies become part of our family from day one and we socialize them in multiple ways so they are ready to become the most amazing part of your family! They live indoors in our home, we don't consider a shed, barn or similar indoors. If you plan to bring a bunny into your home, please make sure it is actually being raised indoors with people so you have the perfect transition!

No matter where you purchase from we wish everyone the joy we have experienced with our intelligent, sweet holland lops.

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