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Giving Back: Belle's Bunnies in Bows

Here When You Need Us: Registered Non Profit

Legal Name: Bunnies in Bows


Volunteer Emotional Support Animals

We Visit

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Spaces

Hospitals, Veteran’s Hospitals

Facilities for Mentally and Physically Challenged

Grieving Homes

Teen Diversion Programs

Stress Free Zones

Library Programs

    Not all of our Holland Lops are visiting pets.  We hand select our bunnies who are trained, friendly, and have stable personalities.  They need to have an ability to calmly accept new circumstances.  Once they are ready they receive their Bow, they will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

    They arrive in a stroller and are harnessed and leashed.  They look forward to playing, being held, petted, cuddled, and loved. 

Click Below to Schedule a Visit!

Little Girl Praying

Bunnies in a Bow Wishes

Multiple times a year we open the application for donating a bunny for someone in need of a positive wish.  The need can greatly vary including illnesses, recent loss, people going through challenging circumstances, etc. 

When applications are being accepted they can be submitted here:  

We wish we could honor all requests and everyone has always been so deserving but unfortunately we do have to choose.

If you are looking to get involved in this program or looking for community service hours you can purchase items needed to go with the donated bunny so that the chosen child/adult/family has everything they need.  Please see suggestions below or email for more information.  

Link to Apply:

Cute Bunny

Community Service Opportunity
Letters Available

Are you interested in helping make a wish come true?  Belle’s Bunnies in Bows donates a $600 value bunny to grant a wish to someone through an application process.  You can get involved by purchasing items they will need for the bunny or making donations towards specific items!  Community service letters are available!

Needed Item with Item Link or Suggested Donation to Cover. 

Cage $85

Litter Pan $15

Litter $10

Timothy Hay $10 

Alfalfa Hay $5 

Water Bottle $10 

Food $20

Manna Pro Select, Not on Amazon

Mats for Cage $10 

Bunny Bed $16 

Bunny Tunnel $12 

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